Welcome to English Matters, the perfect place for you to learn English.  My name is Nina Beaugeard, and I’m the principal of our English Language Centre in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

We run all levels of English courses, for students of all ages, and we pride ourselves on the personal touch, combining the highest- quality professional teaching with a strong commitment to seeing our students become more confident and proficient with the English language.  

The vast majority of our students stay with us for a number of years – and so it’s very important to me that our teachers also stay with English Matters for a long time.  At the time of writing, the ‘newest’ addition to our English teaching team has been with us for over 2 years, and our longest-serving teacher started with us in 2009. 

As for me, I’m originally from the UK, where I worked as a lawyer before moving to Malaysia in 2001.  By then I had obtained the CELTA certificate - the essential qualification for teaching English as a second language - and have been teaching ever since: to Malaysian and international schoolchildren, to adults of different nationalities and levels, and to the employees of large Malaysian businesses.

English Matters in its current form was established in 2013, but in fact it was founded under a different name in 1999.  I began working with the company on arrival in Malaysia, and soon became a director and, eventually, the principal and owner.

We are a team of 7 English  teachers – and we are certainly ‘a team’, working together to ensure consistency of learning for all our students, and sharing ideas on different approaches, topics and activities that will engage and stimulate everyone in our classes.


Another essential part of our team is Syahiidah, the administrative manager for our English Language Centre and probably the first person you will talk to when you contact us.  Syahiidah will go out of her way to answer your questions – so please feel free to WhatsApp, message, or call us now!

Nina Beaugeard,


Talk to us at English Matters (Open Tuesday – Saturday)

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