English Classes for Students Aged 6-11

English Course Structure:

We have 5 different levels for kids learning English from ages 6-11, based not just on the student's age but also their level of English and their own particular needs.  

Choosing topics that will appeal to young learners, we build up their confidence and their skills in all areas of the language.

Specialist Writing Classes - a wonderful English writing course that gives our junior students the chance to express themselves as they take their first steps towards creative thinking.

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Regular Fee Structure:

  • FREE placement test from now to December 2018, with no obligation to join after taking the test. 

  • RM 50 one-off registration fee if you join our classes. 

  • RM640 per term.  1 term comprises 10 lessons, and these lessons are once a week for 2 hours.  There are 4 terms in the year, and if you join part of the way through a term, we will happily pro-rate your fees.

  • The cost of the coursebook (to last the year) depends on the student's level. Most books are around RM 60.

With the above, the students receive an English Matters ring-binder folder, English Matters bag, homework pack and exercise book.

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