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English Course Structure:

We have 7 levels for students aged 12-19, with each level focusing in greater depth on the key skills of writing, speaking, reading and listening.  


  • The English grammar becomes increasingly advanced, with the higher levels aiming for natural fluency

  • 3 external exam classes, focusing on the internationally-recognised FCE, CAE and CPE English exams. For more information on our approach to exams, click HERE

  • Specialist Writing Classes - new in 2016, but already hugely popular, these unique classes give students a real chance to improve their English writing skills - whether for the love of writing, or for school/college, or preferably both.

  • To find out more about the way we teach, click HERE

Regular Fee Structure:

  • RM50 proficiency assessment & placement test. 

  • RM100 registration & administration fee (one off).

  • RM690 per term.  1 term comprises 10 lessons, and these lessons are once a week for 2 hours.  There are 4 terms in the year, and if you join part of the way through a term, we will happily pro-rate your fees.

  • The cost of the coursebook (to last the year) depends on the student's level. Most books are around RM 60.

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