• to encourage and facilitate natural and confident use of the English language

  • to enable our students to communicate effectively with others

English Matters is an English language teaching centre situated in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Our English teaching programmes include preparation for the Cambridge suite of exams (we still have a 100% pass rate).


To us, enabling effective communication is one of the key reasons to master a language - and so here at English Matters, while making sure our students get the grammar right, we encourage them to use the language to express themselves, challenging them to extend their vocabulary and improve their writing.

When it comes to our teaching methods we also believe in having fun with the language - it builds confidence in our students and appeals to different learners.  


Our teachers also take care to create a safe and comfortable learning environment where students are not afraid to challenge themselves, make mistakes and, crucially, learn from those mistakes.

Our English classes are dynamic and interactive, and we use games to reinforce our learning (yes, games are fun, even with older students and adults!).  


We also provide topic-based learning, so that our courses cover a wide variety of topics and ideas that will both interest and challenge our students, encouraging them to think creatively and critically.

Talk to us at English Matters, anytime!

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