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Education Transformation Showcase, Putrajaya 2022.

Earlier today, our Principal Ms. Nas represented English Matters at the Education Transformation Showcase in Putrajaya, hosted by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

We are proud to have had the opportunity to engage with many from within the education industry, to better understand what efforts are being made, and what objectives are worth fighting for.

Our beliefs in the importance of the English language remain steadfast.

Better English literacy equates to more than just better opportunities, improved self-confidence & effective communication.

We are pleased to share that since 1999, English Matters remains on the right path in providing the best quality & the most affordable education to help students improve their proficiency in English.

With advancements in EduTech, rest assured that English Matters will be engaging all its students with more effective learning programs that are simply fun and effective.

See you in class!

English Matters.

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