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Principal’s Update- Welcome Back to School.

⭐️ First of all I’d like to thank you for your continuous support and trust in English Matters throughout these challenging years.

1. *Hybrid classrooms*

I’m glad to share with you that due to your support, we have been able to invest in devices, programs, and training to ensure students have better learning experience at English Matters; on-site or live-streaming.

2. *Delay in course book arrival*

Since the Oxford office in Malaysia has closed down, course books had to be ordered directly from the UK and China. The books from China are currently stuck at the border due to lockdowns. We will continue to provide students with photocopies of the pages from the course books at no additional cost to you. We have word from our supplier that the expected arrival date is 2 weeks from today.

3. *New teachers*

As you might already know, Teacher Heather has retired, while Teacher Joella and Teacher Mel moved to Australia to continue their studies. We’re sad to see them go, however, we’re also pleased to welcome fresh new faces. You may have seen them in your children’s classrooms. The process of hiring new teachers was thorough. This is to ensure all teachers have the certifications and methods aligned with English Matters’ vision. For classes with new teachers, we will be introducing them in the respective Google Classrooms.

4. *New administrative team*

This year we are joined by a wonderful team to assist with operations: Chee Ying, Syarina, and Natalia. We’re also welcoming back a familiar face-Syahiidah. Don’t forget to say hello if you see them!

5. *Covid vaccine*

Most of our staff have received their booster shots, and almost all of our young students have also received their first/second vaccinations.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or member of my team should you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas on how we can better improve the learning experience.

Stay safe.




*English Matters!*

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