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Having gone to government primary school, English was never my forté. However, upon joining English Matters many years ago, that has thoroughly changed. I can vaguely remember my first class but I do remember that I left feeling very enthusiastic to return because of the extremely outgoing and charismatic teachers.

Ever since, English Matters was a weekly routine but never a chore. The teachers are the people who really make English Matters special. Their cheerful demeanor and dedication to teaching creates a welcoming environment perfect for learning.

Each class was never a bore as games were appropriately integrated into our curriculum, even at higher levels that served to reinforce our knowledge and encourage cooperation between teammates.

When the FCE and CAE exams were close, extra classes were also scheduled, free of charge I might add, to further hone our skills. Needless to say, I am very appreciative of English Matters as it established my foundation in the English language when I needed it most.

When applying for international secondary schools, a good grasp of English was necessary to pass the entrance exams. I would not be accepted if it weren’t for English Matters.

Now I am on full scholarship studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) and taking English Language and Literature as one of my higher level subjects. Had I joined another unengaging English tuition center, I would not have the foundation in English that I do now.

I was fortunate to have mastered the basics of English early on. It has now allowed me to interpret works more flexibly and analyse them from a bigger picture.

After graduating IB, I intend to pursue a medical degree in the UK. Now that I am equipped with the CAE certificate and a firm understanding of English, communication is the least of my concern, and I could have never achieved this without English Matters.


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