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Welcome, Ms Joyce! 👩🏻‍💼

Dear Parents & Students,

My most humble apologies for not updating our socials & website sooner than I usually would. The past few weeks have been exciting for us at English Matters as there have been many positive developments for the school which I would now be sharing with you.

⭐️ First on my list is to reaffirm our centre’s commitment to providing effective online English classes for all our students through MCO 3.0. My teaching staff and I have already adapted all our lessons plans for online learning- incorporating educational applications such as Zoom, Baamboozle, Google Classroom, Peardeck, etc.

This is to ensure students continue to benefit from our teaching methods that encourage authentic interactions, independent learning, and critical thinking. I am proud to share with you, despite the pandemic, our students were still able to score exceptionally well in all internal & external exams. Well done to all our students! 😊

⭐️ Next, it is my absolute pleasure to announce the promotion of Ms Joyce Wong, to Operations Manager at English Matters effective immediately. Ms Joyce will be replacing Ms Syahiidah who has moved on to another opportunity elsewhere. We thank Ms Syahiidah for her service & dedication to the school over the past years & congratulate Ms Joyce on her new role.

Ms Joyce Wong has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of West England (UWE) having followed an approved programme of study in Media and Journalism. This UWE Bristol dual award degree makes Ms Joyce another perfect candidate to causally share experience during casual conversations with all students when we are back at school soon.

Besides loving a good burger and being an avid movie buff, Ms Joyce is even keen on adding teaching accreditations in order to conduct classes in the near future!

We are all equally as excited.

Welcome to your new role, Joyce!

⭐️ And finally, there will be a new contest where we will be giving away not one but TWO (2x) new iPads… 🤩 together with some other exciting prizes! The only clue I can share for now is that, if you haven’t already… follow our social media closely! Facebook. Google. Twitter. Instagram. TikTok. @UKEngMatters. ✅

I will be in touch again next week. Stay safe. Stay at home.

Kind regards,

Ms Nas


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